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The Lawyers’ Forum is an online community of tobacco control attorneys who share tobacco control information, questions and ideas with one another. The International Legal Consortium at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids sponsors forums for Spanish, French, and English speakers. Lawyers may apply to be members of multiple sites.

Members use the Forums to:

  • Discuss common concerns and issues related to tobacco control legal issues
  • Exchange legislative drafting tips and litigation strategies
  • Observe worldwide legislative and litigation trends
  • Share legal documents such as laws and court pleadings
  • Search posts and the document library for subject matters relevant to you
  • Debate, question, advise, and connect with each other

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In order for an individual to become a member of the Lawyers' Forum, the individual must be invited by a current Forum member and must sign a declaration which demonstrates no (or sufficiently indirect) relationships with the tobacco industry. Members also agree to abide by the Forum's Terms of Use.

Topics for Discussion

Share your experience with government or civil society’s work to enforce tobacco control laws.

Share information about FCTC-related work including information on upcoming Conferences of the Parties.

Share information about using international human rights instruments to protect the right to life and health.

Discuss the legal implications of the tobacco industry’s tactics to undermine strong tobacco control policies and share any legal efforts to counter them.

Discuss the development of sub-national and national laws and regulations in your country that regulate tobacco products.

Share your experiences and discuss the development of tobacco control litigation involving governments, civil society groups or the tobacco industry.

Share information and handouts with the online network of lawyers relating to tobacco control meetings and workshops.